J O N A T H A N    W O N G    F R Y E

HEIGHT:    5’ 10”   WEIGHT:    150LBS   EYES:    BROWN   HAIR:    BROWN  
Jonathan Wong Frye
True DramaSWAT/Slasher(cult member-featured)MacMillan Fims
EclipseLucas(alien henchman-guest star)BokUniverse
MerylPhotographer(fashion photographer-featuredDirector, Valerie Mashynets
PuerBartender(weary womanizer-principle)American Brownie Productions
No Exit(Huit Clos)Garcin(shifty businessman-principle)Director, Jean Mandolini
In the WoodsTony(newbie detective-principle)Director, Satnam Khalsa
Navy SAPR PSAGood Samaritan(moral center-principle)ZHM
Embassy SuitesBartender(example employee-principle)MPC
Hungry in an HourChoi(Korean mafia man-principle)Hand Me Down Films
Top Secret HoboHobo(ex-military homeless-principle)Deep Puddle Productions
Le Comedie EpiqueDave(naive bystander-principle)Absurdi Films
Meet Me in PragueGeoff(love interest-principle)Persian Elephant Productions
HP CommunicationsNarrator(virtual identity-principle)Nomadeis
Whodunnit?Miss Soche(cross dresser main-principle)Pony Productions

Theatre/Off B'Way/Off Off B'Way/Regional
The Feather Doesn't Fall Far...Abdon(inquisitive, sarcastic angel)The Signature Theatre
Actor StoriesHost/Comedy ActorThe Davenport Theatre
OblivionBenard(aspiring filmmaker)Unexpected Stage Company
Misty's PlanRobert(nerdy best friend)Manhattan Repertory Theatre
The Meth in MethodBrad(ad-executive millennial)Source/Constellation Theatre
The Emperor's NightingaleMinister Wu('Disney' villain)Adventure Theatre MTC
Midsummer on a PlaygroundOberton, Theseus, Quince(leaders)Pocket Change Theatre Company
The Mad: A Fracking FairytaleCavern Man(rebel redneck)Theatre du Jour
The Comedy of ErrorsAntipholus of Syracuse(cocky rogue)The Arlington Players
A Midsummer Night's DreamPhilostrate(mob henchman)Castaways Repertory Theatre
The DishPhilip(angry celebrity chef)Capital Fringe
Hello, You Assholes!Sperling(evil playwright)Capital Fringe
AdventurelandCaptain Johnlock(funny pirate)Peasant Theater
PassagioPepe(Italian town goof)Mason Players
The Emperors NightingalePrince Bao(lead, hero)Theatre Row


  • BFA in Performance for Stage and Screen(Summa Cum Laude), George Mason University
  • BA in Directing(with Honors), Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français, Paris, France


  • Languages, Accents: Native French Language, Accents(British, Southern, French)
  • Sports & Fittness: Stage Combat(Hand, Broadsword, Quarterstaff), Horeseback Riding, Tennis, Kabuki, Ping Pong, Volleyball
  • Cultural: Tai Chi, Kabuki
  • Acting: Camera Acting,Improvisation
  • Miscellaneous: Chess, Gardening, Juggling, Can move eyebrows independently

LAST UPDATED: Feb 22 2020