Theatre/ Off B’Way/ Off Off B’Way/ Regional

The Emperor’s NightingalePrince Bao (Emperor to be, lead)Chongren FanTheatre Row
The Feather Doesn’t Fall Far…Abdon (sarcastic angel-supporting)Ayvaunn PennThe Signature Theatre
Actor StoriesHost/Comedy ActorBobby HolderThe Davenport Theatre
OblivionBernard (aspiring filmmaker-lead)Chris GoodrichUnexpected Stage Company
Misty’s PlanRobert (nerdy best friend-lead)James WolfManhattan Repertory Theatre
The Meth in MethodBrad (ad-executive millennial-lead)Sarah ScafidiSource/Constellation Theatre
The Emperor’s NightingaleMinister Wu (villain -supportingNatsu OnodaAdventure Theatre MTC
Midsummer on a PlaygroundOberon, Theseus, QuinceBrittany MartzPocket ChangeTheatre
The Mad: A Fracking FairytaleCavern Man (redneck-supporting)Raoul WilliamsonTheatre du Jour
The Comedy of ErrorsAntipholus of Syracuse Antipholus of SyracuseRob LeemburgenThe Arlington Players
A Midsummer Night’s DreamPhilostrateLeslie Ann RossCastaways Repertory Theatre
The DishPhilip (angry celebrity chef-lead)Strother GainesCapital Fringe
Hello, you Assholes!Sperling (evil playwright-sup.)Cathryn BensonCapital Fringe
PassagioPepe (Italian town goof-supporting)Stevie ZimmermanHarris Theatre

TV/ Film/ Web

RoomiesJon (responsible roommate– prin.)Victor PigasseNYU Tisch
True DramaSWAT/Slasher (cult member-feat.)James ThomasMacMillan Films
EclipseLucas (alien henchman-supporting)Alexander BokBok Universe
MerylPhotographer (fashion photo-sup.)Valerie MashynetsNYFA
PuerBartender (weary womanizer-prin.)Pooja MallipamulaAmerican Brownie Prod
No Exit (Huit Clos)Garcin (shifty businessman-prin.)Jean MandoliniNYU Tisch
In the WoodsTony (newbie detective-principal)Satnam KhalsaIndie
Navy SAPR PSAGood Samaritan (moral ex.-prin.)ZHM
Embassy Suites Bartender (example employee-prin.)MPC
Hungry in an HourChoi (Korean mafia man-principal)Zach Gri nHand Me Down Films
Top Secret HoboHobo (ex-military homeless-prin.)Zack GrossDeep Puddle Prod.
Le Comedie EpiqueDave (naïve bystander-principal)Luke PersianiAbsurdi Films
Meet Me in PragueGeoff (love interest-supporting)Amy GileyPersian Elephant Prod.
HP CommunicationsNarrator (virtual identity-principal)Jonathan Wong Nomadeis
Whodunnit?Miss Soche (cd maid-supporting)Jonathan WongPony Productions
Covid-Crossed Lovers: R&J OnlineFriar Lawrence (compassionate priest)Danielle CummingsReNew York Arts


Monologue IntensiveStacey KeachSeasonal Course
ShakespeareEd GeroIndependent Study
Auditioning/On CameraKevin MurrayTheater of the First Amendment
Acting for young audiencesMary LechterActing for Young People



Native French Language. Camera Acting. Accents (British, Southern, French). Improvisation (1 year). Stage Combat (Hand, Broadsword, Quarterstaff, Chinese Sword). Juggling, Horseback Riding, Tennis, TaiChi,
Wushu, Kabuki, Fitness, Ping Pong, Volleyball, Chess, Gardening, Front handspring, Can move eyebrows independently.

LAST UPDATED: 05/25/2020